February 7: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 7 February is San Teodoro di Amasea, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Teodoro di Amasea

Theodore of Amasea, of eastern origin, was a soldier of the Roman army who was transferred with his legion to the winter quarters of Amasea in Anatolia.

The emperor of the time, Galerius Maximian, promulgated an edict with which soldiers were told to deny their Christian faith.

Theodore was a convinced Christian, for this reason he refused to do what was requested, the solicitations addressed to him by the tribune and his companions were in vain.

He was also given time to reflect but he took the opportunity to set fire to the temple of Cybele, Mother of the gods, which was located in the middle of Amasea near the Iris river.

He was immediately brought back to court and tortured with his easel, before being thrown into prison without feeding him.

In prison he had divine visions of comfort, before being burned alive on February 17 of a year between 306 and 311 AD.

His tomb was placed in Euchaite, a small town near Amasea, today's Aukhat in Turkey, which in the tenth century was also called Theodoropoli.

The news about his life date back to a speech delivered by Gregory of Nyssa in the basilica that already stood in the fourth century in Euchaite, in the same place where his tomb was located.

His cult spread first in the Christian East and later in the Byzantine Empire.

In the West the first trace of a cult towards him is the apse mosaic still existing in the basilica of Santi Cosma e Damiano al Foro Romano, whose construction dates back to 526.

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Monasteries dedicated to him already existed at the end of the fourth century in Palermo, Messina, Ravenna and Naples.

In Venice, until the twelfth century he was considered patron of the city, before being replaced with San Marco.

According to an ancient tradition, his body was moved to Brindisi where it is kept inside an urn in the Cathedral.

In Venice he is remembered in the figures of a stained glass window and in the door of the organ of two churches, as well as with the column placed in the Piazzetta San Marco, on the top of which there is a statue that depicts him as a warrior with lots of armor, having a dragon placed at his feet with the appearance of a crocodile.

In the ninth century Theodore was the only saint with this name, then another Theodore made his appearance, no longer a soldier but a general, probably died in Eraclea and also buried in Euchaite on June 3.

This split of the only martyr Theodore favored the spread of various legends of which some traces remain written in Greek, Latin and other Eastern languages.

In Western martyrologists, on the other hand, Tiberius General is remembered on February 7, while Tiberius is a soldier on November 9.

Sometimes in mosaics or frescoes concerning military saints both are depicted.

In any case it is the same person remembered and celebrated on two different days.

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  • San Patendo
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  • Pope

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  • King of the British

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