Ferentino (Lazio): what to see


What to see in Ferentino, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Acropolis, Duomo, Roman Market and Santa Maria Maggiore Church.

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Going to the Terme di Ferentino Frosinone, it is also very interesting to visit this ancient town of Lazio very well preserved in its original structure.

Ferentino is a town in the province of Frosinone in Lazio, located on a hill overlooking the valley of the Sacco river, along Via Casilina.

Of hernic origin, it was a Roman municipality and since the early Middle Ages it has hosted numerous buildings of worship such as the Monastery of Sant'Antonio Abate founded by Celestino V.

In the late Middle Ages many religious orders settled there building churches and monasteries. Popes, rulers and leaders linked their name to this beautiful city.

Ferentino boasts interesting Roman remains, has a well-preserved urban structure, dating back to antiquity and the Middle Ages, with Romanesque and Gothic monuments.

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Its historic center is enclosed within polygonal walls built between the fifth and second centuries BC, the upper part dates back to the Middle Ages, like the rebuilding of doors and towers.

On the top of the hill stands the Acropolis, supported by pre-Roman walls rebuilt in part at the time of Silla, dominated by the Romanesque cathedral, transformed in the 1600s and subsequently restored.

On the south-eastern side of the Acropolis is the Roman market, dating back to the Republican age and perfectly preserved.

Not far away are the Palazzo dei Cavalieri Gaudenti, (XIII century) and the palace of Innocenzo III.

The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in the Cistercian Gothic style is very beautiful.

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Close to Ferentino, on the Via Casilina towards Frosinone, there are the Terme di Pompeo, known since ancient times for the therapeutic qualities of their waters.


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