Fidenza (Emilia Romagna): what to see


What to see in Fidenza, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Duomo, the Risorgimento Museum and Porta San Donnino, as well as interesting excursions to do in the surrounding area.

Tourist information

Agricultural and industrial center located in the province of Parma, from which it is 23 km away, Fidenza probably has Roman origins.

Developed in the ninth century and became a county after the year 1000, it was dominated by the Pallavicino, Visconti, Terzi and Farnese families.

The Risorgimento Museum, which is housed in the Palazzo delle Ursoline in Via Costa, was founded by Nullo Musini in 1959, who dedicated it to his father, the Garibaldi Garibaldi Luigi Musini, using the material he collected.

In Piazza Garibaldi there is the Palazzo Comunale, built in the thirteenth century but subsequently reworked several times, characterized by a small tower and a portico supported by pointed arches.

The Duomo di Fidenza, which is one of the most beautiful churches in Emilia Romagna, was built in the Romanesque-Gothic style between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

The facade, which has remained unfinished and squeezed between two towers, includes three portals and is embellished with a remarkable sculptural decoration, including that of the central portal created by the Antelami workshop.

The decorations of the other two portals are from the previous period.

On the right side of the Cathedral there is a fifteenth century chapel, a blind loggia and the apse.

In the interior with three naves, characterized by an elevated presbytery area and matroneums, there are a remarkable stoup, remains of ancient sculptures and fourteenth-century frescoes having the Last Judgment as subject.

It is worth visiting the treasure and the crypt, which preserves the urn of San Donnino, decorated with bas-reliefs representing episodes from the life of the saint.

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What see

Near the Duomo there is the medieval Porta San Donnino, under which are the ruins of a Roman bridge that once crossed the Stirone.

Among the excursions to be carried out in the surroundings include that of Castione Marchesi, a small town 6 km away, where there is a Romanesque abbey church dating back to the eleventh century, having an interior with three naves with cruciform pillars, where a remarkable fifteenth-century fresco depicting the Madonna and Child.

At 3 km there is Fontanellato, where there is the fifteenth-century fortress surrounded by a moat, built by the Sanvitale family when the town was their fiefdom.

In the internal rooms there are many works of art, including Boselli frescoes in the first loggia and still lifes by the same author in the rooms.

Of particular interest is the room of Diana and Actaeon, with a ceiling frescoed by Perugino in 1523.

Soragna, another inhabited center developed around a ninth century fortress and 5 km away, in the fourteenth century became a possession of the Meli Lupi family, who in the seventeenth century transformed the Castle into an elegant residence, with a typical English garden.

In the internal rooms there are interesting stuccos and frescoes made by Campi, Baglione, Brea, Boselli and Bibiena.

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