Fiesole (Tuscany): what to see


What to see in Fiesole, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Duomo, the archaeological area and the Convent of San Francesco.

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Small center with a rich and interesting archaeological and artistic heritage, Fiesole is a town rich in history, also famous for its fascinating panoramic views of the capital of Tuscany and the beautiful surrounding landscape.

The city of Fiesole stands on a hill near Florence.

From the top of the hill the Etruscans, ancient inhabitants of Fiesole then subjected to the Romans, saw the birth and growth of the village that would become the famous Florence.

The Cathedral of Fiesole, a Romanesque building from the 11th century, enlarged in the 13th and 14th centuries, located in Piazza Mino da Fiesole, the center of the town, where the Roman forum was located.

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In addition to the Cathedral, the Seminary, the Bishop's palace, the Pretorio palace and the ancient oratory of Santa Maria Primerana overlook the same square.

The archaeological area of ​​Fiesole including the Roman theater excavated in the hillside, the ruins of the thermal baths, the remains of a Roman temple, a stretch of Etruscan walls, and the Archaeological Museum.

Close to the Roman Theater is the Bandini Museum, where you can admire Della Robbia terracotta and Tuscan school paintings.

On the top of the hill, on the site of the ancient Etruscan acropolis, which later became Roman and where the medieval fortress was built, destroyed by the Florentines in 1125, stands the Convent of San Francesco, built in 1399 on a pre-existing smaller convent.

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