Free time: how to use it, activities to practice


To use your free time there are many activities to practice as a hobby with the main purpose of cultivating a personal passion.

How to spend your free time

The term hobby refers to a certain type of non-profit leisure activity for personal interest or pure fun.

Some examples of widespread hobbies are collecting, DIY, gardening, modeling, fishing, hunting, running, cycling, etc.

A hobby, precisely because it is made for non-profit and therefore only because you feel pleasure in doing it, allows you to acquire a lot of knowledge through an experience guided by true passion.

When we talk about modeling we want to induce a particular craft activity, in some cases practiced only for hobbies, which has the purpose of reproducing in miniature the most varied objects including cars, houses, people, planes, using various materials to prepare yourself with different assembly systems depending on the case or by purchasing complete kits to make a certain object.

Nautica is a term to classify a set of means and knowledge that have to do with water transport and represents an industrial sector that revolves around the world of boats.

IELTS Vocabulary Practice - Free Time Activities (September 2023)

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