Funen (Denmark): what to see on the island


What to see in Funen, Denmark's second largest island, itinerary including Odense, the hometown of Andersen, a famous fairytale writer.

Tourist information

Two bridges crossing the Piccolo Belt strait connect Funen to the mainland, the Jutland peninsula, while the railway and road bridge over the Great Belt strait, which crosses an 18 km stretch of sea, connects it to the island of Zealand, after reaching , about halfway, the small island of Sprogo.

Funen presents a very gentle landscape, with immense green spaces, woods, lakes and romantic castles, its main center is Odense, one of the oldest cities in Denmark, which takes its name from Odin, an important divinity of Germanic mythology.

What see

In Odense, the main city of Funen, Andersen was born, the author of famous fairy tales that have become internationally famous.

His birthplace is located in the old quarter of the city, where the museum dedicated to him is housed, with an interesting internal itinerary concerning life and works.

Among the most important monuments of the city is the Gothic Cathedral of San Canuto, built in the 14th century and dedicated to King Canute, who was assassinated here in 1086, which is why during the Middle Ages the place became a destination for pilgrimages.

Immersed in nature there are numerous castles, including the Renaissance Egeskov castle, which stands in the center of a pond surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Along the coasts, overlooking the fjords, there are characteristic villages characterized by colored houses with pitched roofs.

The Island of Funen, Denmark (April 2021)

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