Galapagos: what to see in the Pacific islands


What to see in the Galapagos, an itinerary to discover the archipelago of the Pacific Ocean, politically belonging to Ecuador, the best time to go.

Where are

Group of islands of South America, located in the Pacific Ocean in front of the coasts of the Republic of Ecuador, to which they belong politically, the Galapagos are located at a distance of about 1,000 kilometers from the continent and are made up of 13 major islands, over that from forty islets.

How to get

The Galàpagos can be reached by plane from Quito or Guayaquil.

On the island of San Cristóbal stands the capital of the Galàpagos, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, which is home to one of the two airports of the archipelago.

The main airport is located on the island of Baltra, where there is no possibility of accommodation, but with a boat it is possible to reach the nearby island of Santa Cruz, just 100 meters from the sea, where the resort of Puerto Ayora offers the largest accommodation offer in the archipelago.

When to go

The Galàpagos have a temperate climate and can be visited at any time of the year.

From January to June it is the hottest and most humid season, the rains occur with short and sudden showers.

From July to December the season is cooler and drier, the sea water has a lower temperature, there is often a mist due to the cold current of the Humbolt.

The best month to visit the Galapagos is April, when the water temperature, climate and nature are in optimal conditions.

National Park

The Galàpagos islands are a Unesco Protected Natural Park.

Numerous endemic species of animals and plants characterize the natural heritage of these islands, which arise at a considerable distance from the continent and have a wide variety of climates and habitats due to the confluence of three different ocean currents, in addition to a particular geological nature, as located on a submarine base of volcanic origin, still having numerous active craters.

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The famous naturalist Charles Robert Darwin, who stayed in the Galàpagos in 1835, observing the environment of this place, had the inspiration for the formulation of the theory of evolution, affirmed in his famous work entitled "The origin of the species".

The oldest islands date back to around 4 million years ago, while the newer ones are still being formed.

What see

To visit the Galàpagos it is advisable to book a hotel, making daily boat trips, or a cruise lasting a few days, eating and sleeping on the boat.

Important inhabited centers are located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal island, in Puerto Villamil, Isabela island.

To visit the various islands of the Galapagos it is necessary to spend time at sea, for this reason it is advisable to inquire first about the weather conditions, to avoid stormy days with rough waters.


As for the excursions, they are carried out only with the accompaniment of authorized guides from the National Park.

Travel guide to the Galápagos Islands in Pacific Ocean (June 2023)

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