Gallinara (Liguria): what to see on the island


What to see in Gallinara, an islet that houses a colony of herring gulls, with jagged coasts and a marina, part of the Ligurian natural reserve.

Tourist information

Islet of Liguria which houses one of the largest colonies of herring gulls in the area, Gallinara is characterized by jagged coasts and a pretty little harbor.

It is located near the coast of Liguria, between Albenga and Alassio, its maximum altitude is about 87 meters.

The island is separated from the coast by a channel which is on average 12 meters deep and 1500 meters long.

On the islet, proclaimed Regional Nature Reserve, there are the remains of a monastery, a sixteenth-century tower, part of the defense and sighting system, and a neo-Gothic church.

What see

The monastery was founded by the monks of San Colombano di Bobbio, in the Lombard period, then the Benedictine monks settled there and, in 1842, it was sold to private individuals.

A cave on the island, with the opening facing the sea, is indicated as a refuge of San Martino di Tours, which found shelter there towards the end of the fourth century.

The natural and archaeological heritage of Gallinara is remarkable.

Various finds have been found in the surrounding backdrops, currently preserved in the Naval Museum of Albenga.

Gallinara Island (Liguria) boat escapade, Agosto 2016 (March 2024)

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