Gastronomy: definition and meaning of the culinary arts


The definition of gastronomy brings together all the techniques and culinary arts to create good typical cuisine.

Local gastronomy

We speak of local gastronomic specialties when we want to indicate particular dishes or typical local food products.

Among the typical products of gastronomy there are also typical ready meals that can be found on the internet.

It is possible to find typical products from Campania and Puglia, typical local Italian and regional products, typical Sardinian Sicilian and Lucanian products with excellent specialties of typical Sicilian sweets.

Since these are fresh food products, producers use very fast shipments so that they can have, for example, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, colonnata lard or typical Apulian dishes in a very short time from the order made via the web.

Definition of regional gastronomy

The gastronomy is closely linked to the cuisine and traditional ways typical of each region and country in preparing various types of food and drinks.

Often the typical eating of each place is closely linked to particular ingredients available locally with particular characteristics that distinguish them.

With the great development of food production and storage techniques in recent years, the variety of foods available to prepare and with them the cooking recipes as the result of the experimentation of the most famous world-renowned chefs has expanded.

In addition to traditional cuisine, international cuisine has also spread, favored in many countries by the considerable increase in the tourist flow.

The cuisine must also be a cultural expression typical of each country that often joins the oenology in extending the very meaning of gastronomy.

For the great variety of dishes and every kind of culinary dish, Italian cuisine is recognized a great appreciation all over the world especially thanks to the remarkable quality of the products used to make food.

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The recipe for paella

Paella is a typical recipe from Spain, in particular from the city of Valencia, and its main ingredients are rice, saffron and olive oil.

It is cooked in a metal container from which it takes its name and there are some variants that provide additional ingredients, but the original Valencian paella provides, in addition to the main ones, the following ingredients: chicken, peeled tomatoes, peeled prawns, shelled clams, shelled peas, ham in a slice, striped green pepper, chopped onion, cloves of garlic, broth, extra virgin olive oil, bay leaf, hot pepper, saffron, tabasco, salt and pepper.

Gastronomy dishes in the premises

The catering sector includes all the activities that produce and distribute ready-made gourmet dishes ready for use.

In restaurants, for example, food and drinks of your choice are cooked and served to customers with consumption inside the restaurant.

In the taverns, instead of full meals, wine and various appetizers are served.

In the trattorias it is possible to have complete meals at an affordable price due to rooms furnished with cheap materials and table service without too many pretensions.

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