Gualdo Tadino (Umbria): what to see


What to see in Gualdo Tadino, an itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest in the medieval village, including Rocca Flea, the San Benedetto's cathederal, the San Francesco church, the art gallery and the church of Santa Maria Madre di Dio.

Tourist information

City of Umbria in the province of Perugia, Gualdo Tadino was in the past a Roman city with the name of Tadinum, in the Middle Ages it grew up around a Benedictine monastery assuming the name of Gualdo.

Later it became Lombard and Perugia domination, before moving to the Church in the fifteenth century.

As for the medieval period, a portion of the village remains, some sections of walls and notable monuments, including the Rocca Flea, rebuilt by Federico II in the thirteenth century and enlarged between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, placed in a dominant position with respect to the inhabited.

The Cathedral, dedicated to San Benedetto and dating back to the thirteenth century, rises above a staircase and is characterized by a Gothic facade comprising three portals and a magnificent rose window.

In the interior with three naves, remodeled in the nineteenth century, there is a remarkable altar built in 1300.

What see

The Church of San Francesco, characterized externally by a magnificent three-lobed arched door that opens into the facade, has an interesting interior with a single nave, embellished with frescoes made by Matteo da Gualdo in the fifteenth century.

The building houses the Municipal Art Gallery, which houses several works of art, including some paintings by Antonio da Fabriano and Matteo da Gualdo, a Crucifix on a thirteenth-century panel and a polyptych painted in 1471 by Alunno.

In the Church of Santa Maria Madre di Dio there is a remarkable triptych by Matteo da Gualdo and a wooden Crucifix, both of the fifteenth century.

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