Hamburg (Germany): what to see in the main port


What to see in Hamburg, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Alster lake, canals, Cathedral, St. Michael's Church, Museum of Decorative Arts and Port.

Tourist information

Hamburg is located in north-western Germany at the point where the Alster and Bille rivers flow into the Elbe river which continues for another 110 km to the north-west until it in turn flows into the North Sea.

Various points connect the banks of the river as well as two tunnels.

This city also represents the main port of Germany and is, for historical reasons, a self-governing city-state, as well as being very important in the commercial and journalistic sector.

In addition to the port, the aerospace and media industries are of considerable importance.

What see

In the heart of the city lies the beautiful Alster lake, around which the elegant Jugfernstieg area develops, with very nice shops, cafes and restaurants.

There are numerous navigable canals, called Fleete, which cross the center, with bridges and many green areas.

In the old town we find Rathausmarkt, with the majestic Palazzo del Municipio and the Palazzo della Borsa, nearby there is also the Cathedral of San Pietro.

The Church of San Michele, in Baroque style, is located in the new part near the park of plants and flowers.

Very interesting are the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Kunsthalle Art Gallery, do not miss a visit to the port, classified as free in 1888, with the buildings built on the edges of the canals.

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