Hammamet: what to see in the city of baths


What to see in Hammamet, an itinerary including the main places of interest, including the beach area, the ancient Medina, with the Mosque and the Arab Fort.

Tourist information

The city of Hammamet is located in Tunisia, washed by the homonymous Gulf of the Mediterranean Sea. The name Hammamet is the plural of Hammam which means the baths.

Its beaches are wide and well-kept, the climate is mild.

Its hinterland is full of orange trees, lemons, vines and olive groves. The climate of this elegant Tunisian town is mitigated by the sea, which is particularly hot from March to October.

What see

In Yasmine Beach, which is the new part of the city, there are the beaches and numerous accommodation facilities, built from 1920 onwards, following the fate of other places in the country, renowned from a tourist point of view, such as Tunis and Monastir.

The Medina is the old part of the city, characterized by a complex of white houses, alleys, local craft shops.

Surrounded by walls, it includes the mosque in the center.

In a dominant position is the Kasba, an ancient Arab fort.

Walking in the city center you can see numerous trendy cafes and prestigious shops belonging to each product category.

Inland from Hammamet there are extensive orange and lemon crops.

A visit in Hammamet (Tunisia) (September 2022)

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