Hashtag: what does it mean, how to do it, meaning in italian


What Hashtag means, i.e. a specific term preceded by the pound character used in social media, what it is used for, how to do it, specific functions, utilities and advantages in sharing and discussing topics and news on the net.

Meaning of hashtag

Born as a thematic aggregator for posts published on social networks, hashtag is a particular type of label or tag that is created and used by users to facilitate the retrieval of the information sought contained within the messages.

To create a hashtag it is necessary to insert the pound sign # in front of the chosen word or written sentence without any space between the words belonging to the text.

Searching for a hashtag directly or clicking on it when found in a published post, all messages for which the same label has been used will be returned.

The word Hashtag originates from the English hash (pound sign) and tag (label), the enormous degree of popularity achieved is due to its introduction on Twitter as a way to mark specific keywords, drawing the attention of surfers on specific themes .

The hashtag is also frequently used in the main TV programs as an aggregator of interests, with the aim of interacting in real time with viewers who have their say by posting their observations and comments labeled with the hashtag established by the organizers of the broadcast itself.

The comments that use the hashtag are able to acquire a greater degree of visibility and authority on the net, for this reason even the newspapers have gradually increased their use to disseminate their news.

But in addition to these cases anyone, from simple users to famous people, can create his #Hashtag to spread his news or use those already present to actively participate in the discussions of his interest.

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