Hel (Poland): what to see in the peninsula


What to see in Hel, itinerary including the main places of interest, including the seaside resorts of Jurata, Jastarnia and Chalupy with their magnificent sandy beaches.

Tourist information

In northern Poland, between the Bay of Puck and the Baltic Sea, lies the narrow Hel Peninsula, about 35 kilometers long, whose maximum width reaches 500 meters in the central part, and 3 km in the final part.

From the city of Wladyslawowo, on the coast, to the locality of Hel, on the tip, a railway line and a state road cross the whole peninsula between campsites, tourist villages and seaside resorts with beautiful sandy beaches, such as Jurata, Jastarnia and Chalupy.

What see

The village of Hel is a typical seaside place with fishermen's houses, the port, where there are ferries to Gdansk and Gdynia, various places to eat freshly caught fish or buy amber items which were once rich the coasts of the Baltic Sea.

Hel is surrounded at 270 ° by the sea and houses a structure called Fokarium which is dedicated to the repopulation and care of the seals of the Baltic Sea.

From the historical point of view, for its strategic position, many fortifications were built on the peninsula, in the period between the First World War and the end of the second, of which some remains related to war stations remain.

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