Hohenfurch (Germany): what to see


What to see in Hohenfurch, an itinerary to discover this interesting village in southern Bavaria, located along the Romantic Road and characterized by a bucolic atmosphere that invites you to stop and rest.

Tourist information

Located in the center of an area where there are many churches and convents, Hohenfurch represents the northern entrance to the so-called "corner of the priests".

This location has an extremely beautiful church, despite being in the open countryside, with a bell tower and a 14th century choir.

What see

In 1750 the choir and the late Gothic nave were modified in rococo style, both consecrated in 1754 together with the three altars, dating back to the same period is the remaining part of the furnishings.

Thanks to the high windows of the central nave and the delicate stuccoes of Wessobrunn, the interior appears clear and pleasant, highlighting the frescoes, paintings and wonderful carved statues.

Outside the village, on a hill, another church deserves to be seen, the Late Romanesque Chapel of Sant 'Ursula, whose interior cannot be visited as it is closed.

Hubsan ZINO Hohenfurch (Germany) 360 Grad 4K Panorama Rundflug (September 2022)

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