Holly: meaning, properties, infusion


Meaning holly, definition of the tree whose leaves can have beneficial properties if used to prepare infusions and herbal teas, description of the ways of use.

Holly properties

It is an evergreen tree with leathery leaves, with a thorny margin.

The flowers are collected near the axil of the leaves and include 4 sepals welded to the base and 4 white petals.

The drug is made up of leaves whose collection can take place at any time of the year.

Holly is a plant that has the characteristic of growing spontaneously in humid places that are not too hot.

It is traditionally used as an ornamental plant and to make Christmas decorations.

Among the beneficial properties, the soothing action that can exert in the body with regard to difficult digestions and stomach pains is distinguished.

The infusion of leaves is indicated to combat chronic bronchial phlegm and for its action against fever.

The main ways of use include the infusion or decoction of fresh or dried leaves, considering from 30 to 60 grams per liter of water, to be drunk in the amount of two or three cups a day.

The powder obtained from the leaves is instead suitable for use as herbal tea in the quantity of about seven grams for a cup of herbal tea.

The berries can be left to macerate for about twelve hours, considering a dosage of ten berries per hundred grams of water.

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