Holy Bible: what are the literary genres of the books that compose it


What are the literary genres of the books that make up the Holy Bible, sorted by Old and New Testament, origin of the name and religions that consider them sacred.

Holy Bible books

The name bible derives from the Greek and means "the books".

This term refers to a collection of books considered sacred by the Jewish-Christian religious tradition.

The two main parts of the bible are the Old Testament and the New Testament.

They constitute the most important religious documents and are also considered at an historical and literary level of extraordinary wealth.

The Bible collects literary genres that can be divided into different genres.

- Historical genre: texts that narrate descriptions of people and events historically contextualized, legislative genre, including normative texts.

- Prophetic gender: containing moral exhortations uttered by sent prophets of God always referred to specific recipients such as community of believers or people as a whole.

- Apocalyptic genre: texts with a symbolic character and therefore often incomprehensible but with the aim of demonstrating the definitive victory of God's plan over history.

- Wisdom genre: where all the remaining texts are collected including the Psalms, the Canticle of Canticles, the lamentations and the proverbs.

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