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How to book hotels and luxury hotels all over the world, dividing the various destination areas by continents and nations.

Hotel guide

Milan hotels founded by the Celtic population of the Insubri who had been part of the Golasecca culture in protohistoric times, hotels in Rome where you can admire, among other monuments, the remains of the sacred area of ​​Largo Argentina and part of the monuments of the Roman Forum, hotel in Rimini that together with Riccione and Cattolica it represents a very important destination for Italian and European seaside tourism in search of low cost holidays. The online hotel reservation services offer solutions for cheap hotels and luxury hotels. In particular, the main proposals concern hotels in Rome to stay in the heart of Catholic Christianity, hotels in Milan the nucleus of the first urban area, hotels in Paris, capital of France and capital of the Île-de-France region, hotels in Florence, the main historical and artistic center of Tuscany and in the past dominated by the Medici family.

Florence hotels, which was the capital of Italy immediately after unification and for a long time when representatives of the Medici family were in government, hotels in Lisbon where the Castelo de San Giorgio and the Jerónimos Monastery are located, hotels in Athens where you can visit the Acropolis and the temple of Olympian Zeus which during the Roman period was the largest temple in Greece. Hotels in Amsterdam with its intense nightlife and the numerous private parties that are added to clubs and public places, hotels in Genoa where there is the largest Italian aquarium and the ancient port which is a part of the port of Genoa used as well as being a tourist and cultural center, hotels in Bologna which is also called the city of arcades as they extend for several kilometers in the historic center.

Hotels in Palermo where there are remains of Punic walls and Art Nouveau villas mixed with Norman Arab style residences, hotels in Prague with the Staré Mesto district which collects some places related to Franz Kafka and Malá Strana with the Cathedral of St. Vitus and Charles Bridge, hotels in Barcelona where the architect Antoni Gaudí lived and worked, famous for having carried out works that attract many tourists from all over the world every year, hotels in Venice nicknamed the Serenissima and for more than a millennium the capital of the homonymous republic, hotels in Turin of which the most famous monument is the Mole Antonelliana which is also the symbol of the city hosting the National Cinema Museum, hotels in London with its Piccadilly Circus which is a famous meeting place square located in the City of Westminster.

Madrid hotels where there is Piazza di Spagna with the monument fountain dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes, hotels in Catania with its cathedral of Sant'Agata dedicated to the patroness of the city, hotels in Naples where you can admire the Maschio Angioino the castle symbol of the dominant city on the piazza del municipio and where the civic museum which contains the Palatine Chapel is housed together with other museum itineraries, hotels in Siena where the palio of Piazza del Campo is held twice a year which is a race of mounted horses without a saddle held between the different city districts, hotels in Perugia with the Fontana Maggiore designed by the Pisano brothers and the Etruscan well in the past the main source of water supply in the city, Ischia hotels famous for the international film festival that takes place in June, hotels in Pisa with its note Piazza dei Miracoli where there is the Cathedral built in marble in the Pisan Romanesque style and the characteristic Leaning Tower.

Hotel in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain, hotel in London, capital and largest city of the United Kingdom and England, located in the southern part of Great Britain, hotel in Rimini, a very important destination of Italian seaside tourism, hotel in Riccione, named also the Green Pearl of the Adriatic for especially youth and mass tourism in search of low cost holidays, hotels in Bologna, an ancient university city that hosts many students, hotels in Venice, located together with numerous small islands within the lagoon of the same name .

Hotel in Ischia, which is part of the group of the Phlegrean islands, hotel in New York, where the Glass Palace is the headquarters of the UN, hotel in Amsterdam, capital and largest city of the Netherlands located in the north of Holland, hotel in Prague nicknamed the golden city, hotel in Capri town located on the island of the same name within the Gulf of Naples.

Hotel in Vienna where to dance the waltz, hotel in Frankfurt am Main one of the main European financial centers, hotel in Dubai representing one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, hotel in Las Vegas, famous worldwide for its fun and entertainment 'azzardo, hotel in Santorini southern island of the Cyclades archipelago, hotel in Verona famous for its opera season at the Arena.

Boston hotel, economic and cultural center of the New England region in the USA, hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, a renowned Egyptian tourist resort located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula and bathed by the Red Sea, hotel in San Francisco, famous for its cosmopolitan vocation, hotel in Istanbul the largest city in Turkey and the most populous in Europe after Moscow.

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