How to clean the fridge that stinks and clean ice freezer


Method that explains how to clean, in a few simple steps, fridge and freezer, using only natural products, eliminating any bad smells and ice.

Cleaning the refrigerator

When we decide to clean the stinking fridge, we need to prepare in advance, so that we have few things inside.

The best opportunity is when we go on vacation for several days and also remove the electricity from the house.

However to clean the fridge, once emptied and turned off, it is good to put rags underneath it in order to collect the water that will come out after defrosting, then remove the shelves, drawers and everything that can be extracted, then prepare a solution of water and vinegar, and with a sponge pass the entire interior of the fridge and dry it.

The shelves and drawers that we have removed from the fridge, we can normally wash them in the sink with water and dish detergent, then rinse and dry them.

Put the various elements back in place and turn on the fridge again.

Freezer cleaning

As for the freezer, if present, once the ice layer has detached from the internal walls, a result that can be obtained more quickly by using the appropriate plastic pallets, often supplied as an accessory at the time of purchase, it will be possible clean it easily with a mixture of water and vinegar, as done for the refrigerator, at the end of this operation, dry with a soft cloth.

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