How to make demineralized distilled water for iron


Indications to produce demineralized water at home in an easy and fast way, suitable for iron but also for many other uses, what distinguishes this type of water from distilled water.

What is the demineralized water for

First of all, it is advisable not to confuse demineralized water with distilled water.

Demineralized water is a water deprived of the typical mineral salts normally present, including limestone and gas, while distilled water is a very pure water used almost exclusively in medicine obtained through electrolysis, a process that breaks it down into its two hydrogen and oxygen elements, which are then condensed.

Demineralized water is suitable for various domestic uses and knowing how to produce it yourself at home can save some money.

This type of water is very suitable first of all for the iron, in fact the total absence of limestone avoids harmful incrustations that would shorten the life of our dear small appliance.

It is also useful for watering succulents, to top up the radiator and to fill the windshield wiper pan of any car.

It is excellent for cleaning kitchen stainless steel and taps and for treating clothes before doing laundry.

It can be used, with preventive heating, to wash hair that will take on a brighter and cleaner appearance.

Production of demineralized water

Get a pot, a laundry lid, a spiral glass tube, a basin and an ice pack.

After fixing the spiral glass tube firmly with adhesive tape to the hole in the lid, bring to the boil in the pot of tap water, keeping the lid closed and, as soon as steam starts to escape into the tube, place the free end of the latter in the basin, so that the condensate can be collected.

Once this is done, place the ice pack full of cubes on the neck of the tube, in order to obtain cooling and condensation.

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Keep the ice pack well adherent to the tube, waiting for all the water in the pot to pass through the tube in the form of condensation and the resulting liquid has been collected in the basin.

How To Make Distilled Water At Home Without A Distiller (January 2024)

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