How to make fried eggs with anchovies


Recipe for cooking eggs with anchovy fillets in a pan, a very simple preparation procedure with a few necessary ingredients.

Ingredients for one serving

- 2 eggs

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil

- 2 fairly large anchovy fillets in oil

How to cook fried eggs

Spread the olive oil and the chopped anchovy fillets on the bottom of the pan.

Heat with medium heat for thirty seconds, then break the eggs making them fall gently inside and, with the help of a fork, distribute the pieces of anchovy around each egg, then wait for the cooking to complete, until the egg white becomes thickened white.

Do not add the salt at all, as the anchovies already contain it inside and therefore there is a risk of exceeding in this sense.

Boiled Eggs With Anchovy Soldiers By Gordon Ramsay (September 2022)

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