How to make pickled olives


Very simple recipe that explains how to make olives in brine at home, by immersing in a solution of boiled water and salt, waiting at least two months before consuming them.


- 5 kg of olives

- 3 liters of water

- 500 g of salt

How to prepare pickled olives at home

Wash the olives very well, leaving them to soak for a few days and changing the water once a day.

Drain the olives and weigh them.

Prepare the brine by dissolving 100 gr of salt for each kilo of olives to sweeten in boiled and cooled water.

Put the brine in a jar or in a small demijohn, add the olives and pour boiled and cooled water, just enough to fill the container.

Without any preliminary treatment, the olives will be ready to eat after about two months.

How to preserve olives - lebanese recipe - زيتون مخلل على الطريقة اللبنانية (November 2022)

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