How to make sugar-free cherry jam


Guide that explains how to make sugar-free cherry jam, an easy recipe that can be made in about an hour, using washed and stone-free cherries.


- 1 kg of washed and stone-free cherries

- 400 g of sugar

- 150 ml water

Preparation of cherry jam with a little sugar

After filling a large enough pot with water, dip the cherries and add the sugar, then bring to the boil on the fire and wait for about half an hour, removing the foam that will form with a slotted spoon and stirring.

At the end, arrange the jam obtained, without letting it cool, in the sterilized jars, closing them and turning them upside down, then cover them with a cloth and leave them to rest for a day before placing them in a cool and dry pantry, if possible in the dark.

Sugar-free cherry jam

Wash the cherries and remove the stones then, after putting them in a rather large container, add the juice of one lemon and its peel.

Macerate for eight hours in a cool and dry place, after removing the lemon peel and pour everything into a pot, to be placed on the fire to cook for about an hour, waiting for the cherries to thicken.

Once this is done, pour the boiling jam into previously sterilized jars and boil them in a pan with water for about half an hour, then leave them in the pan covered with water, waiting for complete cooling.

When evaluating the consistency of the jam, keep in mind that it is preferable that it is slightly more fluid rather than too dense, since, after complete cooling, it will naturally increase its consistency.

How to Make Tart Cherry Jam Without Sugar : Recipes for Diabetics (November 2022)

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