How to make the perfect turn-ups for pants


Classic method for making fashionable lapels suitable for any pair of trousers, whether elegant, long or short, for men or women, the procedure describes in detail the few necessary steps to follow to obtain an excellent result worthy of the best seamstress.

Lapel long pants

If you want to start as the best tailors around the world do, proceed, as a first step, to make a small side fold on the free edge of the fabric.

To do this, grasp the front edge and fold the fabric about a centimeter thick, holding it firmly and well positioned between the thumb and index finger.

Keep in mind that the length of the crease can vary according to the fabric with which the trousers were made.

In fact if this is light it is advisable to exceed the centimeter while, if the fabric has a certain consistency, it is sufficient to stop at one centimeter.

Although this step might seem, to the most skeptical, somewhat superfluous, on the contrary it must be convinced that in reality it is of fundamental importance, as it allows the flap to maintain perfect stability over time, eliminating any percentage of relapse downwards when putting on your pants or after just a few steps.

Continuing to keep the crease previously made between the thumb and forefinger, fold the entire edge of the fabric towards the top.

It is recommended to have a clear understanding of the concept that the height of this first fold will affect the height of the turn-up when the work is finished, therefore pay the utmost attention in making it.

Once this is done, lastly, proceed with the last fold upwards, repeating exactly what you did with the first flap.

If the steps described have been carried out well, the lapel obtained will maintain its stability until the next washing of the trousers in the washing machine.

According to the haute couture culture, a well-made turnaround can significantly improve even unpretentious clothing.

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Never forget that, by creating a too high turn-up, you could run the risk of reducing the total height of the person, due to the consequent and annoying unwanted optical effect, which would only highlight that particular of the pants that the most experienced could consider a serious invoice defect for that item of clothing.

How To Turn Up Trousers (April 2024)

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