How to make vol au vent with puff pastry with mushrooms and tuna


How to make mushroom and tuna vol au vents using puff pastry as a base, recipe with marinated veal and parsley mayonnaise.

Necessary ingredients

- gr. 50 of pickled mushrooms

- gr. 50 of tuna

- mayonnaise

- 6 vol-au vent

- n. 6 vol au vent of puff pastry

- gr. 100 finely chopped veal

- 1 glass of white vinegar

- garlic and parsley

Preparation of vol au vent mushrooms and veal tuna

In a narrow container, put the meat to marinate, covering it with a glass of white vinegar, also adding a few cloves of garlic.

After six hours of marinating, remove the meat from the vinegar and drain it.

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Meanwhile, chop the mushrooms and tuna, then add them to the meat.

Add the mayonnaise to the mixture and mix all the ingredients.

Fill the vol-au vents and decorate them with mayonnaise and parsley.

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