Interior furnishings: furniture restoration, painting and carving


Proposals for interior furnishings and accessories to decorate and beautify your home by personalizing it to your own character and personal taste.

Interior home furnishings

The furniture trade with online sales has become very popular especially in recent years.

The network, having overcome the initial hesitation of potential buyers, proved to be an excellent vehicle for spreading this category too.

Many furniture stores allow you to send, via online forms or email, the measures necessary to furnish a certain room in your home, to create a personalized project by inserting furnishings, lighting articles, tables, beds, wardrobes with a quote also attached to the finished work price.

Artistic windows for interior decoration

There are many techniques of craftsmanship to create artistic glass.

The glass can be blown, worked with a flame or used to create windows using very high temperature ovens that melt pieces of colored glass arranged to create a particular design with the base plate.

The colored artistic windows are found in many churches and are also used in numerous furnishing solutions to enrich a door or create a partition between two distinct environments.

Furniture restoration

Even for the restoration we must speak of art as it involves interventions to be carried out on works ruined by time or harmful events to try to bring them back, as faithfully as possible, to the original state.

In addition to furniture to furnish your home, other works of various types may also be subject to restoration, including a building, a painting, a manuscript, a fresco and many others.

Furnishing with painting

Artistic painting consists in the art of painting on different materials that can be various such as paper, canvas, ceramic, wood, wall and others.

The surface is sprinkled with the color in a uniform way or by giving brush strokes with a particular direction or by creating drawings resulting from the author's imagination or from the reproduction of a particular model.

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As for pictorial paintings to be included in a decor, the oil painting is the master.

Wood carving

Wood carving is a craft that allows you to create furniture and wooden objects enriched by a decoration produced by hand carving using special tools.

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