Irish proverbs: sayings and idioms


Collection of Irish proverbs, sayings and popular sayings in Ireland translated into Italian, as testimony to the wisdom of this grumpy but nice people.

Irish idioms

- It takes time to build castles.

- A handful of skills is better than a lot of gold.

- The advice of a bad adviser is good.

- Two thirds of the job is appearance.

- The eye of a friend is a good mirror.

- You won't find a thrush in a hawk's nest.

- Be wary of those who don't like cats.

- You can't make a silk bag from a sow's ear.

- The light heart lives long.

- The only cure for love is marriage.

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- It is not a secret if it is known by three people.

- Dress a goat in silk and it will still be a goat.

- The older the violin, the sweeter the melody.

- Patience heals all wounds.

- The eyes of a cat are windows that allow us to see into another world

- A silent mouth is melodious.

- When the drop of alcohol is inside, common sense is outside.

- A trout on the plate is better than a shark in the sea.

- Alcohol is the scourge of the earth. It makes you quarrel with your neighbor. It makes you shoot your lord, but without hitting him.

- A kettle being watched never boils.

Irish sayings

- In heaven there is no beer and that's why we drink here.

- An Irishman is never at peace except when he is fighting.

- Praise the ripe field, not the green wheat.

- An Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold a blade of grass and not fall on his face.

- If you can keep a green branch alive in your heart in the hour of darkness, then the Lord will come and send a bird to sing from that branch at dawn of the day.

- You don't have to fear the wind if your hay is tied.

- Death is the best doctor for the poor.

- The road is shorter in two.

- It is better to be a coward for a minute than to die for the rest of your life.

- The distant hills look green.

- Do not give cherries to pigs or advice to a fool.

- Both your friend and your enemy think you will never die.

- Love all men except lawyers.

- Turn your face towards the sun, but turn your back on the storm.

- Listen to the sound of the river and you will catch a trout.

- Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord.

- Deaf people are the ones who create lies.

- God is good but never dances in a small boat.

- Your feet will take you where your heart goes.

- God made time, but man made haste.

Irish proverbs

- May your luck overcome the growing four-leaf clovers, and may never upset you wherever you go.

- An old broom knows the dirty corners better.

- Mothers hold children's hands only for a while ... but their hearts forever.

- The grace of God lies between the saddle and the earth.

- A boy's best friend is his mother and there is no more beautiful space than his apron.

- There is no luck except where there is work.

- That you have heavy pockets and a light heart, that luck takes care of you day and night.

- May you arrive in paradise half an hour before the devil realizes that you are dead.

- Time is a great storyteller.

- There are two stories for each story.

- If you want to be criticized, get married.

- Life is like a cup of tea, it all depends on its preparation.

- It is long that road that never has a turning point.

- Everything is pleasant until the cow enters your garden.

- That the saddest day of your future is no worse than the happiest day of your past.

- The two best cures there are a good laugh and a long sleep.

- May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill to the door.

- I met many people, I liked not a few, I loved only one, I drink to you.

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