Italian literature: cultural education and poetry


The Italian literature at the basis of the cultural formation and personal growth of the individual in the school.

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Italian literature represents a form of human expression that results in a written verbal composition coming from the mind and unconscious of an individual, testifying to his ability to conceive and intend with the purpose to communicate his knowledge or a state of mind.

Cultural and human formation

The training of the individual is an important activity that begins at an early age and never ends in the sense that at least even the experience of each day alone contributes to a greater or lesser extent to training.
Training also means learning to think with a certain elasticity and to have broader views that help to better understand oneself and others.
In addition, training is carried out by exchanging ideas and knowledge, reading and discussing as many topics as possible with the curiosity of knowing more and more.


Poetry is the ability to know how to use for the transmission of a message, the semantic meaning of the words combined with the sound and the rhythm of the same to impart greater or lesser force to the phrases in an almost musical way to confer emotions, arousing evocative moods of a moment gone by.
Sometimes poetry is recited by a reader who can also give it a theatrical dimension.

Definition of school

By school is meant a place where to carry out specific educational and training activities according to the study program to be carried out according to a specific method implemented by the teachers who work in the school.

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