Ivrea (Piedmont): what to see


What to see in Ivrea, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Castle with red towers, the Cathedral, the Civic Museum, the Library and the Church of San Bernardino.

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Town located in the province of Turin, from which it is 48 km away, Ivrea is an important industrial center and a popular tourist resort, thanks also to the short distance that separates it from the Aosta Valley.

It was a Roman colony, whose foundation dates back to 100 BC, built on the Via delle Gallie as a fortification against the Salassi.

After becoming the capital of a Lombard duchy, it became famous in the tenth century under Berengario II and, subsequently, in the eleventh century, under king Arduino.

Later it became a possession of the Biandrates, before passing, after various events, to the Savoy.

The Castle with the red towers, which is located in the square of the same name next to the apse area of ​​the Cathedral, is a mighty construction from 1358, commissioned by Amedeo VI of Savoy, called the Conte Verde, having a square plan and reddish cylindrical towers placed at the corners .

Transformed into prison in 1600, it was subsequently further elaborated.

In Piazza Castello there is also the Bishopric, where the remains of a medieval tower are preserved.

What see

The Duomo is located in the upper part of the city, formerly the acropolis and stronghold, later transformed into a religious citadel.

The original construction, built on the site of an ancient Roman temple, most likely dates back to the fourth century, of which the two apsidal bell towers, the crypt and the triburio, remained after the renovation carried out in the tenth century.

Of notable interest are the sarcophagus of Atecio Valerio, dating back to the Augustan age and preserved in the portico, and two paintings by Ferrari, found in the Sacristy.

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In the seventeenth-century single-nave church dedicated to San Nicola da Tolentino, 33 wooden seats are preserved, where episodes and miracles from the life of San Nicola are carved, and frescoes by Chiaia, in addition, the building also houses the Diocesan Museum.

The Civic Museum includes an archaeological section where Roman and pre-Roman finds found in the area are exhibited, as well as a collection of frescoes torn from old houses and dating back to the period between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Next to the museum is the Civic Library.

Along the Dora river, near the public garden, you can see the Tower of Santo Stefano, which is the only remains of an ancient abbey.

In the Church of San Bernardino, structured with a single nave, there is an interesting cycle of sixteenth-century frescoes, depicting scenes from the Life of Christ.

Not far from the center you can see the remains of the Roman amphitheater, dating back to the late imperial era.

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