January 2: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 2 January is San Basilio Magno, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saint Basil the Great

Basilio was born in Cesarèa di Cappadòcia in the year 330 to a Christian family and died in the usual place on January 1, 379.

With a good literary education and with immense virtues, he began to lead a hermit life, before becoming bishop bishop of his city in 370.

He fought against the Aryans and wrote exceptional works, in particular the monastic rules which are still followed today by numerous oriental monks.

He exercised a strong and exemplary work of help towards the needy.

He was the author of numerous many dogmatic and ascetic works, as well as speeches and homilies.

He wrote a treatise for young people on the use and behavior to be followed in studying the pagan classics, as well as many letters concerning the most varied topics.

He also wrote a treatise on the Holy Spirit stating that the three Persons of the Trinity have the same nature and substance.

Famous is the prayer composed in 370 dedicated to animals: “O Lord, increase in us brotherhood with our little brothers, grant that they can live not for us, but for themselves and for You, make us understand that they love, as us, the sweetness of life and they serve you in their place better than we do in ours ".

Other saints and celebrations of January 2

  • Saints Basilio Magno and Gregorio Nazianzeno
  • Bishops and doctors of the Church

  • Sant ’Adalardo di Corbie
  • Abbot

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  • Monk and bishop

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