January 23: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day January 23 is Sant’Emerenziana, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.


St Emerenziana virgin and martyr died in about 304.

According to tradition, in Rome, the Christian community had gathered with its bishop around a catacomb to remember the virgin and martyr Agnese, when the soldiers arrived and everyone ran away.

Emerenziana remained who was not afraid to testify to her faith by reproaching the assailants, but they responded by stoning her on the spot.

Emerenziana was still a catechumen when she was stoned, so her baptism took place with her own blood.

The girl was buried near Agnese's tomb, since they had been companions in life and even in death they suffered the same fate with martyrdom.

Paul V in 1615 ordered a silver display case, in which he had the bodies of Sant'Agnese and Sant'Emerenziana arranged, and placed it under the main altar in the current Basilica of Sant'Agnese, built right above the tomb of Sant Agnese in the first half of the seventh century.

Other saints and celebrations of 23 January

  • Marriage of Maria and Giuseppe
  • In 1725 the feast of the Marriage of Mary Most Holy and Saint Joseph was introduced by Pope Benedict XIII to the Papal States, setting the date of January 23 as the date. In 1961, under the pontificate of Pope John XXIII, the instruction of the Congregation of Rites suppressed the feast, except for certain places where there were special reasons for celebrating it. This feast spread at the beginning of the fifteenth century, above all thanks to Giovanni Gersone, a French theologian very devoted to the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. In the following centuries many religious orders, including the Sisters of the Annunciation of Joan of Valois, the Franciscans, the Servants of Mary, the Dominicans and others, celebrated the Marriage of Mary Most Holy with Saint Joseph, in some cases on dates other than 23 January. In particular, in Verona, the Stimmatini have preserved the tradition of celebrating the feast of the Marriage of the Most Holy Spouses Maria and Giuseppe, since 1823, when San Gaspare Bertoni, founder of the Congregation, solemnly celebrated the feast, dedicating the high altar of the Church of the Stimmate to the Most Holy Spouses Maria and Giuseppe.

  • Sant'Amasio
  • Bishop

  • St. Andrew Chong (Tyong) Hwa-Gyong
  • Catechist and martyr

  • Saints Clement and Agatangelo
  • Martyrs

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  • Sant 'Ildefonso (Idelfonso) from Toledo
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