January 24: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day January 24 is Saint Francis de Sales, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

St. Francis de Sales

The eldest son of Signor di Boisy, he was born in 1567 into an ancient and noble Savoyard family.

Before giving himself to ecclesiastical life, following his profound religious vocation, he had studied first at the University of Paris and then in that of Padua.

At just twenty-six he devoted himself to the Catholic apostolate in Protestant countries.

Having published flyers to be circulated among the population, he was considered the first journalist in history, becoming for this reason, later, patron saint of Catholic journalists and writers.

Elected first coadjutor bishop and then effective bishop of Geneva, a predominantly Calvinist city, he often found himself at odds with opponents of all kinds.

His texts earned him the title of Doctor of the Church.

His two works, entitled "Introduction to devout life" and "Treatise on the love of God", are considered fundamental in religious literature of all times.

A man of extraordinary finesse and delicacy, he was also an unparalleled spiritual director.

On December 28, 1622 he died in Lyon.

Other saints and celebrations of January 24th

  • Saints Babylon, Timothy and Agape of Antioch
  • Sant'Essuperanzio
  • Bishop of Cingoli

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