July 10: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 10 July is Santa Rufina and Seconda, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saints Rufina and Second

Saints Rufina and Seconda, both of whom died in Rome in 257, are revered as saints, virgins and martyrs by the Catholic Church.

Rufina and Seconda, sisters of Christian religion, were promised in spouses by father Asterio, senator, to Armentario and Verino, two co-religionists who denied their faith in the face of the danger of Christian persecutions imposed by the Emperor Valerian.

Rufina and Seconda were also urged to do so, but they refused and, reported to the authorities, tried to flee to reach Etruria, but were arrested and brought before the prefect Giunio Donato who, after having tortured them in an attempt to convince them to renounce , sentenced them to death.

The two sisters were taken to Silva Nigra, a place located along Via Cornelia, nine miles from the center of Rome, where Rufina was beheaded, while Seconda was beaten to death.

In honor of their martyrdom, the scenario of the tragic events was renamed with the name of Silva Candida, while the bodies of the martyrs were buried by the matron Plautilla who had been warned in a dream.

Other saints and celebrations of 10 July

  • Sant'Amalberga
  • Virgin

  • Sant ’Amalberga di Maubeuge
  • Widow and nun

  • Santa Anatolia
  • Martyr

  • Saints Antonio Nguyen Hûu (Nam) Quynh and Pietro Nguyen Khac Tu
  • Martyrs

  • Sant ’Apollonio di Sardi
  • Martyr

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  • Saints Bianore and Silvano
  • Martyrs

  • San Canuto IV
  • King of Denmark

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  • Saint Pascario of Nantes
  • Bishop

  • San Pietro (Vincioli) from Perugia
  • Monk

  • Santa Vittoria
  • Martyr

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