July 17: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day July 17 is Sant'Alessio, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.


Sant'Alessio, born in Rome in the fourth century and died in the same city in 412, was a Latin ascetic and pilgrim, part of the patrician family D’Alascio-d'Alaise.

He convinced his fiancée to give up the wedding the evening before the wedding and the next day he embarked for northern Syria, today corresponding to Turkey, arriving first in Laodicea and later in Edessa, where he wanted to look like a beggar.

Seventeen years later he returned to Rome and, renegade of his father, lived as a beggar for over fifteen years.

Before dying he decided to write a summary of his whole life on a ticket, where he revealed that he had renounced the privileges of the noble family to which he belonged and marriage to a good woman to consecrate himself to God.

Since Alessio had served for a long time at the Edessa hospital, in the 14th century the Lollards of Antwerp gave themselves the name of Alessiani and, subsequently, the Celliti Brothers dedicated the church of their convent of Aachen to him and began to be called Alessiani of Aachen.

The head of Sant'Alessio is venerated in the monastery of Santa Laura del Peloponnese.

Other saints and celebrations on July 17th

  • San Chenelmo
  • Martyr in England

  • Santa Edvige (Jadwiga)
  • Queen of Poland

  • Sant'Annodio di Pavia
  • Bishop

  • San Fredegando
  • Abbot

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  • San Giacinto
  • Martyr

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  • Martyr of Seville

  • St. Koloman (Colman)
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  • Martyr

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  • Saint Theodosius of Auxerre
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Teresa of Sant'Agostino and Carmelite companions of Compiegne
  • Virgins and martyrs

    Saint of the Day - July 17- St Alexis (June 2021)

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