July 2: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 2 July is San Bernardino Realino, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Bernardino Realino

San Bernardino Realino, born in Carpi on December 1, 1530 and died in Lecce on July 2, 1616, was an Italian priest, belonging to the Society of Jesus. He was proclaimed a saint by Pope Pius XII in 1947.

He was the eldest son of Francesco, a horseman in the main courts of northern Italy and Elisabetta Bellentani.

Having been his childhood characterized by a frequent absence of his father, very busy in Mantua with his lord Luigi Gonzaga, Bernardino's growth was led mainly by his mother, who helped to make him docile, kindly with everyone and charitable towards poor.

Very gifted in his studies, he was sent in 1546 to study the Greek and Latin classics in Modena where, although he was threatened by bad company, he managed to remain chaste.

After three years, he moved to Bologna to follow his studies in medicine and philosophy.

He became an assiduous visitor to the Church of San Michele al Bosco and the adjoining convent of the Olivetani where he met a religious who became his spiritual director.

He met Chloride, a young woman he fell in love with so much that he changed his studies, starting to study jurisprudence, later on he fell ill and died, creating them such a scorn that led him to think of suicide in the first instants in which he was put aware of the sad news.

Thanks to the prayer he found a little peace within himself and on July 3, 1561, after taking mass, while he was in his room humbly reflecting on the benefits of God and the hopelessly loved woman, he had the vision of Chloride who, encouraging him, he pointed to the sky.

At that time the Marquis of Pescara and Vasto Ferdinando Francesco Davalos appointed him magistrate of Castelleone, near Cremona, where he was recognized by everyone for his high sense of justice and honesty.

The tangible improvements made by Realino to Castelleone led the Marquis of Pescara in 1564 to designate him his auditor and lieutenant general in the fiefdoms he possessed in the kingdom of Naples.

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Bernardino, as usual, carried out that assignment honestly but only for three months, because one day, attending the preaching of the Jesuit father Giambattista Carminata in the Church of the Gesù Vecchio, he made the decision to join the Society of Jesus, despite the his young age thirty-four.

Realino was beatified by Pope Leo XIII on 27 September 1895 and canonized by Pope Pius XII on 22 June 1947.

His relics are today venerated in Lecce in the church of the Gesù.

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