July 27: saint of the day, name day


The saint of the day July 27 is martyr San Pantaleone, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Pantaleone

Pantaleone, who lived between the second and third centuries, was born and died in Nicomedia, located in present-day Turkey.

By profession, when he adhered to the Christian faith, he was persecuted by Galerius, emperor of Constantinople and killed in 305 by beheading, after his arms had been nailed to his head.

Some relics of the saint are found in the basilica of Saint-Denis in Paris, others in the city of Porto in Portugal.

The relic of the arm of San Pantaleone is kept in the church of San Pantalon in Venice, while the head is kept in Lyon.

Other relics are found in the crypt of the church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata in Lucca.

He is revered as the patron saint of doctors.

Other saints and celebrations on July 27th

  • Santa Liliana
  • Martyr

  • Sant’Antusa dell’Onoriade
  • Virgin, founder

  • San Celestino I
  • Pope

  • San Desiderato di Besancon
  • Bishop

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  • Saint Ecclesio Celio
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Filippo Hernandez Martinez, Zaccaria Abadia Buesa and Giacomo Ortiz Alzueta
  • Religious and martyrs

  • San Galattorio di Lescar
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Joachim Vilanova Camallonga
  • Priest and martyr

  • Blessed William Davies
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Lucia Bufalari of Amelia
  • Blessed Maria Clemenza of Jesus Crucified (Elena) Staszewska
  • Virgin and martyr

  • Blessed Mary of the Passion (Maria Grazia Tarallo)
  • Religious

  • Blessed Maria Maddalena (Margherita) Martinengo
  • Religious

  • Blessed Modesto Vegas Vegas
  • Priest and martyr

  • Santa Natalia and companions
  • Martyrs in Cordoba

  • Blessed Nevolone
  • Hermit

  • Sant'Orso
  • Abbot

  • San Raimondo Zanfogni, called Palmerio
  • Laico

  • Blessed Roberto Sutton
  • Martyr

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