June 10: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 10 June is Blessed Diana degli Andalò, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Blessed Diana of the Andalò

Born in Bologna around 1200, Diana did not hide her admiration for the first Preachers, for this reason she gave her support to Blessed Reginaldo of Orléans, one of the preaching fathers who had been sent from San Domenico to Bologna, in order to purchase near Vigne, the land where the future Church of San Domenico would have been built.

The deed of sale bears the date of 14 March 1219 and when in August of the same year San Domenico went to Bologna, Diana, along with other young ladies, declared in his hands his intention to devote himself to religious life.

The following year he asked and obtained authorization from San Domenico for the foundation of a new monastery, thus being able to proceed with the purchase of the land where to build the convent, but unfortunately the bishop refused to give her permission.

So it was that on July 22, 1221 Diana entered the Canonichesse monastery of Ronzano, but was pulled out of her relatives with the use of violence, to the point that the young girl broke a rib.

San Domenico did not fail to console her by writing letters, unfortunately lost.

He had the opportunity to return to Ronzano, where he lived until June 1223.

When Blessed Jordan of Saxony, who succeeded San Domenico, founded the monastery of Sant'Agnese, Diana was able to dress the habit of the Order, becoming its mother superior until her death in 1236.

Other saints and celebrations of 10 June

  • San Bogumilo of Gnesno
  • Hermit Bishop

  • San Censurio of Auxerre
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Edward Poppe
  • Priest

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