June 18: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day June 18 is San Gregorio Giovanni Barbarigo, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.

San Gregorio Giovanni Barbarigo

Born in Venice on September 16, 1625 and died in Padua on June 18, 1697, Gregorio Giovanni Gaspare Barbarigo was a cardinal and bishop, today revered as a saint by the Catholic Church.

His father Giovanni Francesco Barbarigo, a Venetian senator and convinced Catholic, was orphaned by his mother Chiara Lion, who fell ill with the plague, at the age of only two years, made him undertake science studies and complete a diplomacy course.

In 1643 he was instructed to accompany Alvise Contarini, Venetian ambassador, to Munster in Germany to take part in the preliminary negotiations for the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War.

In Munster he got to know Archbishop Fabio Chigi, apostolic messenger in Germany and future Pope Alexander VII, who was on the spot as a participant in the negotiations.

He returned to Venice in 1646, after three years had passed, and continued his multidisciplinary studies at the University of Padua, obtaining a doctorate on September 25, 1655.

Among his life expectations he felt the desire to become religious, but his spiritual father advised him instead to enter the seminary to become a priest, as he saw in him the skills necessary to become a good parish priest.

So it was that in thirty years he was ordained a priest, it was December 21, 1655.

In 1656, Don Gregorio Barbarigo received the assignment of Pope Alexander VII for the direction of the aid to be provided in Rome where a plague epidemic was underway.

The Pope has great confidence in the young Venetian priest, whom he met a few years earlier in Germany.

For this reason, in 1667 he nominated him bishop of Bergamo and subsequently promoted him cardinal.

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In his acting, Gregorio follows the style of Carlo Borromeo that he had taken as a model.

He later moved to Padua where he worked to give new impetus to the seminar, enhancing theological, biblical knowledge and knowledge of Eastern languages.

Died in 1697, he was declared Blessed in 1761 and made a Saint in 1960 by Pope John XXIII.

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