June 27: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day June 27 is San Cirillo d'Alessandria, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.

San Cirillo d'Alessandria

Born in Theodosia of Egypt in 370 and died in Alexandria on 27 June 444, Cyril was bishop of Alexandria between 385 and 412, succeeding his uncle Theophilus, he is considered by the Church to be an illustrious person who lived in the first decades of the fifth century.

He used significant energy to defend all those who professed to be Christians from their adversaries, furthermore he set himself as another important objective to bring the Church back on the correct theological path from which she had unfortunately moved away.

He wrote texts of all kinds and books, also with content in controversy towards the rampant malpractice, he also did not miss his intervention in the disputes against the pagans and against the Jews, becoming the point of reference in the theological discussions that took place before and after the III Ecumenical Council of Ephesus, held in 431.

In a particularly difficult period for the Church, Cyril went out of his way to administer the Church of Alexandria in Egypt with the utmost care, defending with all his might the orthodoxy that dominated the people.

Other saints and celebrations of June 27

  • Sant’Arialdo of Milan
  • Deacon and martyr

  • Saint John of Chinon
  • recluse

  • Santa Guddene
  • Martyr

  • Blessed Luisa Teresa de Montaignac de Chauvance
  • Founder

  • Blessed Margherita Bays
  • Franciscan Tertiary

  • San Sansone
  • Priest

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