June 6: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 6 June is San Norberto, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Norberto

In 1121 Norberto founded a monastic order that lent his work above all to spread the Gospel, thus anticipating the advent of Premonstratensian mendicant orders.

This name originates from the French valley of Prémontré, located near Laon, where the saint had stayed with some of his companions.

Born in Xanten in Germany between 1080 and 1085, Norberto made worldly life in the first part of his existence, until an event occurred that convinced him to change his way of life.

In fact he was almost struck by lightning, but only lost his senses, so he decided to consecrate himself to God who had saved him by becoming a priest.

After founding the order, which quickly spread to Europe and Palestine, he was appointed bishop of Magdeburg starting in 1126.

Died in 1134, he was made a saint in 1582.

Other saints and celebrations of June 6

  • Sant’Alessandro di Fiesole
  • Bishop

  • Saints Artemio and Candida
  • Newlyweds and martyrs

  • Blessed Bertrando of Aquileia
  • Patriarch

  • San Bessarione
  • Anchorite

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  • San Cerato (Cerazio) of Grenoble
  • Bishop

  • San Claudio di Condat
  • Abbot-Bishop

  • San Colmoco (Colman)
  • Bishop in Scotland

  • Saint Eustorgio II of Milan
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Falcone
  • Abbot of Cava dei Tirreni

  • San Gilberto
  • Hermit and abbot in Auvergne

  • Blessed William Greenwood
  • Carthusian priest, martyr

  • St. Iarlath
  • Bishop

  • Saint Ilarion the Younger
  • Archimandrite

  • Blessed Innocent (Innocenty Jozef Wojciech) Guz
  • Priest and martyr

  • Blessed Lorenzo de Masculis from Villamagna
  • San Marcellino Champagnat
  • Saint Pauline and family members
  • Martyrs

  • Saints Pietro Dung, Pietro Thuan and Vincenzo Duong
  • Martyrs

    Omaha Beach, D-Day (June 6, 1944) (May 2024)

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