Kremnica (Slovakia): what to see


What to see in Kremnica, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including ancient Mint, Museum of coins and medals and Castle.

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City of Slovakia, Kremnica was built on top of a gold mine, at an altitude of about 560 meters, in a wooded environment.

It is a mining town of medieval origin, the first written evidence of which dates back to 1328, when the Hungarian king Charles Robert of Anjou elevated Kremnica to a free royal city, granting him the privilege to coin money.

In fact, the foundation of the mint dates back to that time, one of the oldest and most prestigious in Europe, still active, protected as a national cultural monument and as a European cultural heritage.

Inside the ancient mint it is possible to see the historical machinery and the coin room.

Near the Mint is the Museum of Coins and Medals, managed by the Slovak National Bank, where very interesting coins and medals are exhibited.

The city experienced the period of greatest splendor between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, thanks to the gold and silver mines that were nearby.

The wealth derived from mining activities, we can perceive it by observing the main square, the heart of the nascent city in the fourteenth century, built under the small hill of the castle to house the beautiful houses of mining entrepreneurs, the town hall and more.

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Stefanikovo Namestie is the name of this square, which presents itself on a steep slope, surrounded by historic buildings, and with a large central space, occupied until the early twentieth century by a Baroque Church, later demolished due to the sinking of the mine located right under it.

Today the square is dominated by the Trinity Column, in Baroque style, erected at the end of a plague between 1765 and 1772.

The Stefánikovo Namestie square leads to the Castle, which includes a complex of buildings built from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century, protected by double fortifications.

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Dominating the Castle area is the Gothic Church of Santa Caterina, patron saint of the city, and famous for the popular European organ festival.

Climbing to the top of its tower, through a spiral staircase of 127 steps, you reach the guard room where once there was a guard who warned in case of danger.

From up there, the view over the city, including its surroundings, is truly beautiful to see.

Slovakia Travel: The Unknown Beauty of Kremnica (July 2022)

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