Langhe (Piedmont): what to see among castles, villages and vines


What to see in the Langhe, recommended itineraries to go through picturesque hilly landscapes, meeting castles and watchtowers, as well as small villages of great cultural interest.

Tourist information

The Langhe are a historical region of Lower Piedmont, bordering the Monferrato and Roero, two other historical Piedmontese regions that together with the Langhe are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are located in the provinces of Asti and Cuneo.

A territory of rare beauty and great cultural and landscape interest, linked to the cultivation of vines, a plant that has been very well in this hilly area since ancient times, in fact as early as the 5th century BC. the first inhabitants of these lands practiced viticulture there.

In this harmonious landscape, where rolling hills alternate with small valleys, castles, villages, parish churches and towers rise, which were part of a sighting system capable of communicating the alarm from the sea to Asti, in the event of pirate attacks.

The langa in Piedmontese is the hill, and the way of saying "andar per langa" means walking on the crest of the hills.

What see

There are very interesting itineraries to visit the city of Alba and villages such as Barolo, Grinzane Cavour, Serralunga and La Morra, to appreciate the beauty of the places and taste the prestigious wines, as well as the gastronomic specialties, such as the renowned white Alba truffle.

Autumn is the season that makes these places even more beautiful, when the earth offers its fruits and the landscape is painted in extraordinary colors.

In October and November, the International Truffle Fair takes place in Alba and, in the Castle of Grinzane Cavour, the World Alba White Truffle Auction is held.

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