Larino (Molise): what to see


What to see in Larino, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest in the historic center, including the Cathedral and Roman Amphitheater in the archaeological area of ​​Laurinum.

Tourist information

Located in the center of a beautiful landscape characterized by olive groves, affected by the Cigno torrent affluent of the Biferno, Larino is an agricultural center that also has an artistic and archaeological interest.

The territory of Laurinium, the ancient center of the Frentani, served as a scenario for the clash between the troops of Hannibal and those of the Romans in 207 before Christ, it was also a county in medieval times and was destroyed and sacked several times.

In the library of the town hall there are Roman mosaics, remains of a pavement, as well as a fourteenth-century statue made of wood depicting the Madonna.

What see

The Cathedral, completed in 1319, boasts a facade where there is a remarkable portal with lions and griffins on the side, decorated in the upper lunette by a crucifix and surmounted by a large rose placed in the center of two mullioned windows.

On the right stands the bell tower with a square base dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

In the interior with three naves with pointed arches, frescoes from the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries are preserved, as well as an Immaculate Conception of the eighteenth century created by Solimena.

In the surroundings you can visit Laurinum, an archaeological area located in San Leonardo where you can see the Frentan altar, or a collection of various materials including tombstones bearing dedications and a pre-Roman altar.

Remarkable are the remains of the Roman amphitheater from the imperial era, not far from which some remains of Hellenistic buildings have also been found and a construction of which a beautiful floor decorated with hooked crosses and meanders has been well preserved.

Larino - 45a edizione del Carnevale di Larino - 01 - Puntata 6748 di viaggio in Molise (January 2023)

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