Lauda Konigshofen (Germany): what to see


What to see in Lauda Konigshofen, a municipality located in the land of Baden Wuttemberg and a town in Germany included in the tourist route of the Romantic Road.

Tourist information

Between Tauberbischofsheim and Bad Mergentheim the Via Romantica passes the B 290. Already 3 km south of Distelhausen the road divides, going towards Gerlacheim, a district of Lauda Konigshofen.

Here it is worth visiting the former Premostratense Church, a splendid Baroque construction with remarkable stuccos, altars and series of paintings, a Rococo pulpit with wonderful decorations and a grandiose organ from 1754.

The romantic Grunbach stone bridge is decorated with particularly large figures of saints.

Together with the monastery and the numerous chapels, the bridge constitutes further evidence of why this area is called the "Madonna region".

Here on the bridge also begins the wine route, along which you can learn interesting news about the centenary winemaking tradition of this region. In addition to wine, green wheat, another local specialty, usually as a first course, is served to the guest in the numerous and welcoming trattorias.

The main town of the municipality is Lauda, ​​which continues to be known as the oldest center of the Franco-Alemannic carnival since 1545.

However, the historic center is also very interesting, with houses from the 17th and 18th centuries, decorated with statues of the Madonna.

What see

In the 16th century, the town hall and the winemaker's house were erected, today a museum of local history with evidence of viticulture, rural life and craftsmanship, as well as important information about the origins of the railway and carnival.

Remains of city fortifications, the Upper Gate, the Powder Tower and the monument to the steam locomotive, are proof of the level of importance reached by the city in past centuries.

The town is located at the intersection of the so-called Main Cycling Route of the Main-Tauber-Franconia, an 8-shaped cycle route that in two laps and 11 stages encompasses the area between Miltemberg and Wurzburg, Buchen and Weikersheim.

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Excellent railway connections allow a trouble-free journey, which also hikers who want to take one or more stages of the European route 8 take advantage of, along the Tauber to Wertheim or Rothenburg.

A visit to the cellars with tastings in the Wine Paradise, Weinparadies or in the San Kilian cellar with vaulted ceilings, serves to make the visitor known, in addition to the wines, also other excellent typical products of this region.

In the Konigshofen district, some timber-framed houses, such as the tower-shaped house "Goten" and the Hohe Haus, testify to the pride of past generations.

The numerous recreational offers and the summer program have helped make Lauda Konigshofen famous as a family city.

Characteristic wine villages not to be missed are also the districts Oberlauda and Marbach, as well as Beckstein located south of Lauda.

The hospitable village is located in the center of vine-covered slopes, which represent the main economic activity for the population.

In 1894 the winemakers founded a wine cooperative here which today forms the center of the surrounding wine activities, as well as being the oldest in Germany.

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