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The main purpose of an airline is to conclude business by providing an air transport service for people or goods to established destinations.

First scheduled airlines

Worldwide, the first organized airline was the German aviation company Delag founded by Mr. Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin on 16 November 1909 in Frankfurt am Main.

After the aftermath of the First World War, the British Royal Air Force made some changes on military aircraft, transforming them into civilians to perform some flights commissioned by the national post offices between London and Paris.

The French company "Lignes Aeriennes Latecoere" instead entered service on Christmas day 1918 following the route between Toulouse and Barcelona while on February 5, 1919 it was the German "Deutsche Luftreederei" that began regular traffic for passenger transport between Berlin and Weimar.

In the following years many other companies arose, including the French "Messageries Aeriennes", the English "Air Transport and Travel" and the Dutch "KLM".

In Frankfurt a regular scheduled air connection service with the "S√ľdwestdeutschen Luftverkehrs-AG" and with the merger of the two air traffic companies "Deutscher Aero Lloyd AG" and "Junkers-Luftverkehrs SPA" started in a single airline of name "Lufthansa" occurred on January 6, 1926 the first great success for German civil air transport was achieved.

Lufthansa expanded rapidly expanding its passenger flights across Europe, the Far East and South America.

Flag airlines

There are state or flag airlines managed directly by the state, charter airlines that rent airplanes and crew to organize their low cost flights on an occasional basis, low cost airlines that offer low cost flights thanks above all to savings on both flight and ground staff allowing the purchase of air tickets exclusively through their website and avoiding to serve meals on board already included in the price but only against payment in part.

As for the airlines dedicated to freight transport, they have had significant impetus especially in recent years with the expansion of the globalized market allowing to quickly reach distant markets.

Low cost airlines

A low cost airline is characterized by an offer of flights at much lower prices than traditional airlines, thanks to the elimination of many of those non-essential services normally intended for passengers.

The main characteristics of low cost airlines that allow extremely cheap prices are varied.

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First of all, a single boarding class is proposed with free choice of seat on board conditioned only by the order of boarding the plane.

The model of used aircraft is in most cases unique to rationalize the costs related to maintenance and training of technical personnel.

It is also set up with the seats needed to accommodate the largest number of passengers allowed.

As for the baggage, included in the ticket are only those within a certain weight while for those exceeding this limit a surcharge is required.

Meals on board are not included in the price and hostesses and stewards are entrusted with greater functions, including that of cleaning the plane.

The air fleet is mostly exploited with short stops between one flight and the next and secondary airports are often used with low airport taxes and little traffic.

Other important items of savings are represented by the direct sale of airline tickets via the Internet and by check-in through vending machines.

Prices vary in proportion to the number of passengers expected in the sense that with decreasing available seats prices are increased and special offers decreased.

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