Lofoten (Norway): what to see in the islands


What to see in the Lofoten islands, how to get there and what to do in the archipelago of Norway from the picturesque villages, famous for cod fishing.

Tourist information

Austvagoy, Vestvagoy, Moskenesoya and Flakstadoy are the main islands of the Lofoten archipelago, located at the height of the Arctic Circle in the Norwegian Sea.

These islands, separated from the coasts of the Scandinavian Peninsula by the Norwegian fjord Vestfjorden, boast a wonderful nature immersed in the magical light typical of these latitudes.

The high and rocky mountains that characterize the landscape are reflected in the cold and clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean, while on the coast picturesque villages retain the traditional architecture of the houses used by fishermen, the typical rorbuer.

How to get

To get to Lofoten, the ferry service with car transport that connects Bodo to Moskenes is the most used, but it is also possible to reach the islands from the mainland starting from Narvik, along the Lofast road section, which is part of the European E10 road and which It allows you to reach Svolvaer by car from Evenes, where the Harstad / Narvik airport is also located, as all the main islands are connected by bridges or tunnels.

A daily bus service connects Narvik to A, the last city of the Lofoten reached by following the Lofast road section.

What see

Among the things to do, it is worth mentioning the mini boat cruise along the Trollfjord, dominated by imposing rock walls, with an entrance just 100 meters wide.

This is an opportunity to admire the typical sea birds that live in this natural environment.

Among the most characteristic villages of Lofoten is Henningsvaer which, located at the foot of Mount Vagakaillen on a group of islands and islets in the Vestfjord, is connected to the main island by a bridge.

Nusfjord, one of the oldest fishing villages, is a beautiful example of traditional Norwegian architecture.

Cod fishing

From mid-February to the end of April, cods spawn in the Vestfjorden from the Barents Sea following the Gulf Stream, offering a great opportunity for Lofoten fishermen.

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Once caught and cleaned, the cods are hung up to dry and, by virtue of this tradition, the Lofoten islands are linked to Italy.

We need to go back a long way, precisely in the fifteenth century, when the Venetian merchant Pietro Querini, shipwrecked in these waters, found refuge on these islands and paid attention to the particular cod drying system adopted by the local fishermen.

On his return to Venice he brought with him the precious stockfish, which was highly appreciated not only in Veneto but also in other parts of Italy, so much so that even today our country is the main importer of cod coming from these islands.

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