Los Roques (Venezuela): what to do in the national park


What to see in Los Roques, the archipelago of Venezuela located in the Caribbean sea, characterized by year-round mild climate and white sand beaches.

Tourist information

Coral archipelago, Los Roques is located in the Caribbean Sea, at a distance of about 160 kilometers north from the port of Caracas in Venezuela.

It consists of about 50 coral islands, as well as 200 sandbanks, protected by a long coral reef and surrounded by a wonderful lagoon of clear and crystalline waters.

For the protection of the great variety of birds that populate the coral reef, as well as the beauty of the seabed and the richness of life that populates this sea with wonderful iridescent colors, since 1972 Los Roques has been declared, by the Venezuelan government, a National Park.

The islands are almost all uninhabited, excluding Gran Roque, the main island where there is a village, and four islands where some fishermen live.

The construction of hotels is prohibited, therefore the only accommodation options are the posadas, fishermen's houses transformed into welcoming accommodation facilities, where the owner, usually a foreigner, often Italian, lives and provides the accommodation and restaurant service.

The climate is characterized by the Elisha and the average rainfall is very low, even during the wettest months, from late October to early December the rainfall is very low.

The average temperature ranges from 26 ° C in January to 28 ° C in September.

What to do

The beautiful white sand beaches that stretch over the numerous islands can be reached by boat from Gran Roque, where the posadas are located, the journey by sea takes 10 minutes, to reach the nearest islands, 1.5 hours to arrive to the more distant ones.

Many islands are fully protected and cannot be visited.

How to get

Los Roques can only be reached by plane or private boat, on the island of Gran Roque there is an landing strip that can only be used during the day because it is not illuminated.

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