Louisville (United States): what to see


What to see in Louisville, interesting places to visit in the largest city in Kentucky in the United States, the capital of Jefferson County.

Tourist information

The name Louisville derives from the king Louis XVI of France and was assigned to it after the colonization of the city took place in 1778 by George Rogers Clark.

Louisville is located in the northern part of the state, near the Kentucky-Indiana border and close to the Ohio River and its spectacular waterfalls.

The subtropical climate has hot and humid summers but cold winters. The month with the highest temperatures is July, while the month with the lowest temperatures is January.

The best times for a trip or vacation to Louisville and Kentucky are spring and autumn.

The Louisville International Airport, a few kilometers from the city, is the airport where you can arrive with national and international flights.

For on-site travel there is a wide offer of buses operating with journeys to many places around.

What see

In Louisville there are many interesting things to see including the Louisville Slugger museum, famous for its large display of baseball bats, the Frazier museum, where a huge collection of British and American weapons is exhibited, the Speed ​​Art museum, which consists of a beautiful collection of ancient works of art and exclusive creations by artists of this state.

The Muhammad Ali center, which is a tribute of the city to the famous celebrity of the same name, can also be visited without a guide and the visit also includes, among other things, a significant film regarding the life of Muhammad Ali.

Another symbol of the city of Louisville is the Churchill Downs equestrian center where the Kentucky Derby is held, whose spectator seats are distributed by invitation or must be booked even years earlier.

If you arrive at this place early in the morning on the day of the race, you can watch the paddock ritual, which consists of the preparations before the race, at a modest cost.

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Inside the structure of this racecourse there is also the Kentucky Derby museum where an exhibition dedicated to the event is held, with the choreography of women dressed in haute-brimmed hats drinking bourbon sweetened with mint waiting to know what the horse will be in able to win.

The Kentucky Center for the Arts is dedicated to theatrical performances, ballets, opera, modern dance and classical music.

At the Actors Theater in Louisville, performances of various kinds are held, from modern musicals to Shakespeare's theater.

Things to do in Louisville Kentucky - 15 Best Things to do (July 2022)

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