Lviv (Ukraine): what to see in Lviv


What to see in Lviv, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Market Square with its palaces, Town Hall, Cathedral and various museums.

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Lviv, in Italian Lviv, is a city of Ukraine located in a hilly region about 70 km from the border with Poland, of which it had previously been part.

The Soviets, following the agreements with the Nazis for the partition of Poland, seized the city in 1939.

In 1941, when Lviv was occupied by the Germans, there were atrocious repressions and its large Jewish community was exterminated.

In 1944 the city was freed and incorporated into the USSR, since 1991 it has been part of the state of Ukraine.

The different cultural and religious traditions, which over the centuries have met in Lviv, are reflected in its beautiful urban landscape.

The historic part of the city, through architecture and monuments of great artistic value, boasts splendid testimonies of Russian, Byzantine, Armenian, Italian and German art.

From the castle hill, where there is a ruined fourteenth century fortress, which represents the original core and the highest point of Lviv, it is possible to appreciate the beautiful panorama of the city.

What see

In the ancient center is Ploshcha Rynok Square, the old market square, which overlooks splendid buildings, almost all of uniform size, with three windows per floor, as three was the maximum number of windows allowed without running into a tax, so the buildings with four or more windows belonged to the wealthiest families.

At the center of the square stands the Town Hall.

Not far from this square is the Boyim Chapel in the Cathedral Square, the burial place of the Hungarian merchant Georgi Boyim and his family, inside which it is possible to admire extraordinary stone reliefs.

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In front of the chapel stands the Roman Catholic Cathedral, in Gothic style with the interior richly decorated in Baroque style.

Among the approximately one hundred churches in the city, the Armenian Cathedral stands out for its elegance, the Dominican Cathedral for its large Rococo dome, the Dormition Church for the high bell tower of Kornyakt, which takes its name from the Greek merchant who financed its construction, the Church of the Transfiguration, for the copper dome and the internal environment, particularly suggestive during religious services, the Cathedral of San Giorgio for the particularity of the three-dimensional icon of Christ located inside, and the complex of the Bernardini Church and Monastery, for its wonderful Baroque interior.

The historic center of Lviv has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Main museums

- History museum

- Open Air Museum of Architecture and Popular Life

- Art Gallery

- Museum and National Monument to the Victims of Employment

- Beer Museum

- Museum of Ethnography and Craftsmanship

- National Museum

- Apteka Museum, a pharmaceutical museum located inside an ancient pharmacy

- Arsenal Museum

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