March 12: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day March 12 is San Luigi Orione, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Luigi Orione

Born on 23 June 1872 in Pontecurone in the diocese of Tortona in the province of Alessandria, Luigi lived as a young man the great experience of personally knowing Don Bosco and collaborating with him in his work in Turin.

Dead Don Bosco was about to become a Salesian when he suddenly felt in him the vocation of entering the seminary of Tortona in 1889.

He continued to study theology, staying in a small room above the cathedral, the use of which had been granted to him by the bishop.

In this way he managed to get to know the boys to whom he gave catechism lessons more closely, but having become his cramped room insufficient to accommodate everyone, he had the concession to extend his space also to the garden of the bishopric.

On July 3, 1892, Luigi Orione inaugurated the first oratory, the following year he opened the college of San Bernardino.

In 1895 he was ordained a priest.

There were many activities that characterized his work.

He was the founder of the Congregations of the Sons of Divine Providence and the Little Missionaries of Charity, also known as those of the Hermits of Divine Providence and the Sacramentine Sisters.

He sent his priests and nuns to Latin America and Palestine starting in 1914.

In the city of Tortona, before dying, he had the sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia built.

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He died in Sanremo on March 12, 1940.

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